Albert Einstein is quoted as saying:

“I don’t need to know everything, I just need to know where to find it.”

I-TEQ distill information from many sources and present it in manageable segments. Just knowing where to find everything does not make it useful.

Welcome to isaac’s technology (i-teq)

Business experienced, technologically adept and continually learning. To remain a consultancy that offers effective cyber security and systems services I-TEQ ensures that its team follow Continual Professional Development principles. Our advice, training, software and engineering skill are available for your solutions.


I-TEQ Telephone: +41-(0)76 594 96 10.

Consultancy Team: ask@i-teq.net


Neuromorphic Research - Neural Mimicry.

Cyber Security - Research and Pen.testing.

Service Management - Hardware maintenance.

Software Services - App.Design, Development & Support.

Project Management - IT & General Security Implementation.

Systems Consultancy - IT Infrastructure Design & Optimisation.

Presenter/Seminar Resources - Your information delivered by us.

Training - Networks (LAN/WAN, InfiniBand), Security & Awareness(GSAT).

Technical Authoring - Your processes, products, solutions, services documented.

No hard sell - our team work with you because you want us to.

Noted technologies and services: